dock types

3 Lakes Docking builds and installs docks of all types for waterfront homes on New Hampshire’s Newfound Lake and Squam Lake. The 3 Lakes Docking team will help you choose the dock type that works best for your shoreline location.

Crank-up Docks

Crank-up docks (also known as lift-up docks) feature a sturdy aluminum truss design that allows for the dock frame to be “cranked up,” once the decking has been removed.

Many crank-up docks are straight, but depending on your shoreline, there may be opportunities for an L-, T-, or U-shaped system.

Crank-up docks are "cranked up" and out of the water during the cold winter months.

Crank-up dock

Pipe Docks

Pipe docks (also known as stationary docks) do not move with the water level. They feature aluminum pipes that rest on the lake/pond bottom and wood, aluminum, or composite decking.

Pipe docks are highly customizable and can be configured in various shapes, including straight, L-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped.

Pipe docks must be removed during the winter months.

Pipe Dock with ThruFlow Decking

Floating Docks

Floating docks are designed for lakes and ponds that experience fluctuations in water depth and that have soft or muddy bottoms.

Floating docks feature platform-style decking that sits atop airtight drums. Typically, floating docks are square or rectangular in shape and are anchored into the body of water.

Floating docks do not need to be removed during the winter months though the decking can be.

Floating dock

Recent Projects


Floating swim rafts amp up the summertime fun! Swim rafts are ideal for calmer water or bays where there’s not a lot of traffic. Choose your size, frame material, and decking then get ready for maximum relaxation and enjoyment!

New Hampshire state law regulates the number and location of moorings on many area lakes, including Big and Little Squam, Newfound, and Winnisquam. Please be sure to check the New Hampshire Department of Safety website for information about the moorings program.


Entertain the kids and the adults with a floating swim raft!

Our aluminum-framed floats come in a variety of sizes and have removable decking panels. Choose from wood, composite, or aluminum decking options. Add a ladder for easy access, select your corner bumpers, and get ready to relax!

The 3 Lakes Docking Team can take care of the installation for you or we can deliver the floating swim raft and you can anchor it yourself.

Floating Swim Raft


3 Lakes Docking offers new mooring installation, mooring inspection, and mooring repair.

We use our 3 Lakes Docking barge to inspect, maintain, and repair your moorings and ensure they’re working as they’re supposed to, keeping your boat or float secure. There are a few options for anchor to buoy set ups and we can help you determine what will work best for you.

Ask about our annual Mooring Maintenance Plan.

Mooring Installation and Repair

Customize your dock

Enhance the look and functionality of your dock with ladders, stairs, benches, bumpers, lighting, kayak holders, boat whips, and more.

The team at 3 Lakes Docking can help you maximize your space with endless products to personalize and upgrade your shoreline experience.

Check out our Lake Accessories page for information about available products. Have an idea for a customization that you don't see listed? Let us know!

Customize your dock
Dock installation

Decking Materials

3 Lakes Docking offers a variety of decking choices, including wood, permeable PVC, and composite materials.

When choosing a decking material, there are a few important things to consider:

  • how will you use the dock;
  • what “look” is attractive to you;
  • how much maintenance are you willing to do; and
  • how long do you expect the decking to last?

Each material has its benefits; ultimately, it’s a balance between your preferences and your budget.

Thru Flow decking example


ThruFlow is a popular choice for docks as it requires virtually no maintenance and will not rot, decay, splinter, or warp. There are many options to customize the decking, from colors and finishes to textures and surfaces.

Composite decking example


Composite decking options, like Trex and AZEK, are a lower-maintenance alternative to wood decking. Though it doesn’t need to be sealed or stained like wood decking, composite decking should be kept clean and washed regularly to avoid mold or mildew growth.

Wood decking example


Hardwoods, such as cedar, contain natural substances that tend to resist rot, decay, and insects. Wood decking requires regular maintenance, including washing annually and sealing or staining every few years.

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